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Getting Started with Web Conferencing for Web Meetings


Web Conferencing is an easy-to-use, full-featured web service that is ideal for hosting conference calls, sharing presentations, collaborating on documents and recording web meetings.


When you set up a web conferencing account, you’ll receive a Client ID and Web Password to log in to your account (see welcome materials or contact your company’s conferencing administrator for the web address). You also may receive an audio dial-in number and passcode to use in your Web Conferencingweb meetings.


Once logged into your Web Conferencing site, you can:


Conference Call Feature Create and customize a Web Conferencing meeting room, which is a web address where you can conduct all your web meetings without scheduling in advance
Conference Call Feature Install one time APP SHARE Download
Conference Call Feature Upload files, presentations and post-meeting surveys for use in a Web Conferencing meeting
Conference Call Feature Send HTML invitations to invite attendees to a Web Conferencing meeting
Conference Call Feature Access your Web Conferencing meeting room and start a web meeting
Conference Call Feature View and download usage reporting of completed meetings
Conference Call Feature Access and download recordings of your meetings
Conference Call Feature Modify your profile and adjust account settings
Conference Call Feature Schedule a one-time Web Conferencing meeting for a conference that is only available at a certain time and date
Conference Call Feature Join a meeting you scheduled
Conference Call Feature Join a public meeting hosted by another member of your Web Conferencing site


In addition to managing all aspects of your Web Conferencing service in your site, you can manage other conferencing services to which your company subscribes. You will find useful support resources under Help (in the top right of any page of the site), Getting Started (on the login page) and Quick Links (top left after you log into the site).


Once you create a Web Conferencing meeting room and upload content such as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, launch a web meeting by clicking the Startlink next to “Web and Audio Meetings” under the Meet section on the logged in home page of your site. Alternatively, you may also enter the meeting room URL directly into your browser to access the room without first logging into the Web Conferencing site. You will reach your room’s “Attend a Meeting page,” where you can join as the presenter by entering your Client ID and Web Password.