Web & Video Conferencing

Web Conferencing For Online Meetings And Team Collaboration

Gorilla Conferencing offers the best web conferencing features at an affordable rate. See why so many businesses are switching to Gorilla Conferencing for their online meetings.


Gorilla Video & Web Conferencing Features

  • Share documents, spreadsheets and desktop
  • Show PowerPoint slides
  • White board capabilities
  • Realtime Q&A, Polling and Chat functions
  • Video capabilities
  • Interactive "pass-control"
  • Easy invite process with point and click "to join" feature
  • Integrated with audio and immediate *0 technical support

Webcasting and Online Video and Audio Media Events Made Easy

We offer the most dependable and innovative cloud-based webcasting platform available today. With our do-it-yourself webcasts, businesses of all sizes can reach the largest number of attendees and benefit from the most sophisticated features for hosts, presenters and audiences. 

As our tool was an early adopter of HTML5 for mobile devices, our latest update brings that same functionality to the desktop. Delivering a complete webcast solution without the use of plugins was traditionally challenging. Those barriers no longer exist and we look forward to bringing the next generation of webcasting to our customers.

We offer a robust, cloud-based webcasting platform for companies looking to add value by improving communications with their internal and external constituencies. Easy-to-use and dependable, our self-service platform is tailored to meet the needs of IT professionals yet designed for business users to self-manage a 500+ person video-enabled event as efficiently as a webcast with up to 10,000 participants. Alternatively, our production staff can provide you with end-to-end support to manage an event for you.

All in the Browser

No downloads, no plug-ins - all you need is a browser. Both presenters and viewers can participate in a webcast from their desktop or mobile device.

Use What You Have

Use webcam and telephone or leverage existing investments in VCU, encoder or studio. No additional capital investment required.

Web Conference Calling