Conference Calls – Hurricane Sandy

Conference Calls – Hurricane Sandy

Conference Calls   Hurricane SandyHurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast this past October leaving a path of destruction never seen before. Lives were lost.  Properties and memories were destroyed. Millions of people, companies, hospitals, schools  – you name it- were without power. 2 weeks later some still do not have it back. Gasoline was scarce and rationing plans had to be put into effect.  Lines were hours long.  Now the rebuilding process begins as people are slowly allowed back to affected areas.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.  After the storm hit the northeast in October 2011, many people prepared alternative backup plans which included gas powered generators to provide some level of electricity to homes during the power outage. This storm too has now caused even more people to think about preparing better for future catastrophes.

Gorilla Conferencing has redundant conferencing bridges around the country. As a result, we were able to move conferencing traffic to equipment outside of the affected areas. For businesses located outside of the affected area, they were able to conduct their day-to-day conferencing needs seamlessly. That was also true for individuals and organizations located in the storm-battered area. Gorilla Conferencing gave free service to a  Northern New Jersey school district so that all teachers and administrative personnel could communicate via cell phones and come up with contingency plans for their district. Since there was no power, internet or phone services – for those who had working cell phones, the school district was successfully able to hold conference calls with key personnel. They now will include our conference call service as a key component in their back-up contingency plans.

Our hearts and prayers still go out to those affected by Superstorm Sandy.