Using a Conference Security Code

Using a Conference Security Code

Using Conference Security CodeGorilla Conferencing gives you the option of using a Conference Security Code to ensure the safety and security of your company’s conference calls.  Once this feature is enabled, the moderator will be prompted to create a specific conference security code.  This security code must be entered by every participant in order to access the call.  This feature is an option and is not mandatory.  It is up to the moderator of the conference call to decide whether or not they would like to use this feature.

The Conference Security Code feature includes the highest level of security.  Even Gorilla Conferencing employees will not know the code you choose.  Using conference security codes requires no additional fees or charges.  This feature can also be turned on and off at the discretion of the moderator by hitting *31.

Upon entering the conference call, the moderator will press *31 to turn on the security code feature.  The moderator will then hear the following prompt: “The Conference Security Code option is now enabled.  Please enter the Conference Security Code followed by the (#) key, Or press (*) to start the conference without a code.”

Moderators determine what the Conference Security Code will be.  When the moderator enters a security code and presses (#), a prompt will read back the code and ask, “If this is correct, press star (*) to join your conference or enter a new Conference Security Code followed by the (#) key.”  Pressing (*) will activate the code and the moderator will be placed into the conference.

After the security code is activated, all participants will be placed on hold until the moderator joins the conference.  Participants will then be required to enter the security code as chosen by the moderator.  If the moderator has chosen not to enter a Conference Security Code, participants will automatically join the call.

The moderator is responsible for notifying participants of the Conference Security Code before the start of the call.  After (*31) has initially been activated, the moderator will be prompted to enter a security code for each conference call, or refuse a security code by simply pressing (*) to enter the call.

It is recommended that for the first time use of the Conference Security Code, that the moderator dials-in early to the call to activate the (*31) Security Code.  Upon leaving the conference call for any reason, when the moderator rejoins he or she will be required to re-enter the code.  If at any point the moderator decides to turn this feature off, he or she may do so by pressing (*31).  Participants will then automatically enter the conference call and will not be required to enter the Conference Security Code.