Tips To Help Conference Calls Go Smoothly

Tips To Help Conference Calls Go Smoothly

Tips To Help Conference Calls Go SmoothlyKeeping your conference calls secure, on track and purposeful should always be the main goals for your business.  Gorilla Conferencing provides you with the platform and tools needed to have productive and enjoyable conference calls.

To ensure that you are on the right track, you need to make sure you are organized before the call.  Creating a clear agenda is the best way to stay focused.  It is also recommended that you ask your participants to be present on the call at least five minutes early, to discourage late comers that disrupt the flow of the call.  If at any point in the call you have any issues or questions about the service, summoning the operator will help you sort out your issues.

Once all your participants are on the call, you have the option to lock and unlock the call for security purposes.  Participants should mute themselves if they are in an area with background noise as this can become a big distraction. They should also refrain from placing themselves on hold and subjecting the conference to their on-hold music. If this should happen, anyone can simply hit *0 and ask the operator to disconnect that line.

By utilizing these tips, your conference calls with Gorilla Conferencing will prove to be extremely beneficial to the future of your company.