Toll-Free Conference Calls with Gorilla Conferencing

Toll-Free Conference Calls with Gorilla Conferencing

Conference CallsToll-free conference calls are the most affordable way for businesses to host conference calls and eliminate the cost of invited attendees. Businesses rely on companies, such as Gorilla Conferencing, to handle all of their conference calling needs. One can initiate and join a Toll-Free conference call from anywhere with any type of phone

Gorilla Conferencing provides your business with a toll-free number and a unique passcode for the host and the participants. This number and PIN is then distributed to everyone participating in the conference call.  It’s that simple.  Host the conference call, instruct participants to call the toll-free number, and enjoy doing business in a convenient and comfortable way.


Gorilla conferencing charges 4.9 cents per minute for a Reservationless Toll-Free Pay as You Go Plan.  Gorilla Conferencing also offers Reservationless Toll-Free Monthly Plans.  Here is the pricing breakdown for the Monthly Plans:

  • $175 for 5,000 minutes ñ 3.5¢ each additional minute
  • $300 for 10,000 minutes ñ 3¢ for each additional minute
  • $625 for 25,000 minutes ñ 2.5¢ for each additional minute


Web and Video Conferencing are also available through Gorilla Conferencing and can be added to any plan for an additional 7¢ per minute.

If your business hosts a large amount of conference calls per month, choosing one of the Gorilla Conferencing Toll-Free Monthly Plans provides you with the best value for your money. If your business only hosts a few conference calls per month, a Reservationless Toll-Free Pay as You Go plan is the better choice for you and your business.