Conference Calling for Small and Large Businesses

Conference Calling for Small and Large Businesses

A bridge device for conference calling connects multiple lines into a conference call – it connects multiple telephone lines through a designated phone number. This allows individuals from different sites to talk to each other at the same time.

Conference Call Benefits

This creates the benefit of conference calling and makes the service possible. Conference calling has increasingly become an important aspect of business communications because of its main benefits:

  • Savings: Conference calling links people wherever they are. It’s not necessary to drive or fly. You don’t have to book hotels. You don’t have to to pay thousands of dollars in travel costs.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Conference call bridges allows participants of a conference call to collaborate and work on something together in real time. Conference call bridges may also support integration with web and video conferencing, which make the sessions even more interactive.
  • Reach: Reach many more people across the US and worldwide. Conference call bridges will connect even international callers. Conference calls are used by businesses for weekly sales meetings, earnings reports, distance training, company-wide announcements, and team meetings, among other uses.

Costs of a Conference Call Bridge

There are two ways to acquire get set up with conference calling:

  • Purchase or lease bridge device for conference calling equipment.
  • Subscribe to a conference call provider and use their bridge device for conference calling.

For a big company with a large budget and a constant conference call need, buy the bridge device for conference calling. This will run between $10,000 to $20,000. We would recommend CMS Voice and Data.

If you have a small to medium-sized business with average call conferencing needs, your best option is to subscribe to a dedicated conference call provider. We provide flat rate per month for unlimited reservationless conference calling. You pay for the use of their call conference bridge without having to purchase nor maintain the bridge. If you have very minimal or time to time call conferencing needs, you can even get a pay-as-you-go subscription which charges only a few cents per minute and no upfront costs.

Using Conference Calling

There are two ways to connect to conference calling: dial-in and dial-out methods.

  • Dial-in is when you provide your participants with a dial-in number and a code to join the session.
  • Dial-out is when that you can call your participants, and even invite last-minute participants to join the conference call.

We provide you with a toll-free dial-in number for your conference call. That’ll mean that you and your participants won’t have to pay long distance charges. If not then your participants are responsible for paying for their own long distance charges for dialing in to your session. The Toll-Free number is the preferred method.

Conference Call Provider

Conference call providers let you use their conference bridges for a very small fee. The best part of subscribing to an outside provider, aside from the savings, is that these providers offer additional features and services. We are proud to be the premier provider for conference calling with a long history of delivering high quality services for our businesses.

Reasons we’re the Best Conference Call Provider

  • Technical Support: You don’t need to hire a specialized team to set up a session or to maintain a bridge device for conference calling. We will host and maintain the bridge device for conference calling and make sure there are no technical problems during your session. We will also provide tutorials and technical support to make sure your conference doesn’t have any glitches.
  • User Controls: Even if you don’t own the bridge device for conference calling, you’ll be able to control your conference like you did. An administrator panel is offered by most providers so moderators can control the session. They can invite, block, or mute participants. Star commands (you know how you use *69 to call someone back after they called you? star commands are like that) can also be used by participants to control volume or ‘raise a hand’.
  • Recording: You can record a conference call session and download it for future playback. Useful for shareholder meetings.
  • Operator Assistance: An operator, assigned by the provider, schedules the meeting, professionally greets each attendee, handles the Q&A, and makes sure your conference call goes smoothly.
  • Integration of Web and Video Conferencing: You don’t have to to purchase conferencing software. Most providers also offer web and video conferencing capabilities. Participants can even work on a document at the same time. They can also share files and stream related videos.

Check out our services and features and let us help your business succeed with the best conference calling possible.