How to record your Conference Call

How to record your Conference Call

How to Record a Conference CallRecording a Conference Call

It’s simple to record you Conference Call: All you have to do is hit *22!!! Be sure you have entered your moderator passcode because that what identified you to our system as the one running the call.

*22, and you and those on the call will hear a message. Just a reminder, today’s call is being recorded,. If you want to stop recording, just hit *22. That1it. You can do more though:

  • Press *22 and 1 — to Pause/Stop the Recording
  • Press *22 and 1 again — to Un-Pause the Recording
  • Press *22 and 2 — to erase the previous recording and starts over

When you hang up, the recording ends. Your recording will be available for access within 24 hours of the end of your call and will remain active for 30 days.

  • There is no charge to record.
  • Invite others to listen to your recording. Accessing the recording costs the same as if that person had been on the call live.
  • The recording remains accessible for 30 days, then auto deletes or you can extend the time.
  • You can order a CD or download the recording in Windows Media, Real Audio, MP3 or WAV format

How To Retrieve Your Conference Call Recording

  1. Log into your Hub using your Client ID and Web Password
  2. Click Find a recording under My Latest Recordings section
  3. To order a CD or download the file, click on the Name of the Conference under the Recorded Conference column and make your selections from the drop down menus on the left side of the screen. This is also where you will see the recording dial in number and pin number and be able to extend the availability of the recording.

To send invitations, click on the Invite icon on the main screen or link on the Recording Detail screen.

If you have any questions about any of the above services, please call customer service.